EUROPEAN GO CONGRESS (Go Review Autumn 1975)

This year the European Go Congress was held from the 27th of July to the 10th of August at the picturesque town of Krems on the Danube, some 60 km. north-west of Vienna. It was organized by the four year old Krems Go Club which is to be congratulated for its success in creating a congenial atmosphere for Go and in providing a wide range of tournaments for players of all standards.
The Congress was attended by 180 players from 13 countries, including a team of Japanese amateur players led by Miss Chizu Kobayashi and Miss Tomoko Ogawa, both professional 3-Dan. This team played a goodwill match against a European team after the opening ceremony on Sunday the 27th.
This year the Nihon Ki-in was officially represented by Yoshinori Kano 9-Dan, Shoji Sakakibara 9-Dan and John Power of the Overseas Department. Kazuo Sato 4-Dan, a teaching professional, also attended the Congress as part of a private visit to Europe. The highlights of the professionals visit were the three simultaneous exhibitions given during their stay and Sakakibara 9-Dan's public commentary on the Wimmer-Mattern match from the European Championship.

Congress Results
European Championship
This was on once again by Jurgen Mattern of Berlin with a perfect 8-0 record confirming his standing as Europe's top player. Unfortunately, much of the drama of the tournament was lost when the luck of the draw matched him against his main rival, last year's champion Manfred Wimmer of Austria, in the first round. Wimmer lost this game but made no other slip-up to finish second with 7-1.
Complete placing :
1 Mattern (W. Germany) 8-0
2 Wimmer (Austria) 7-1
3 Merissert (France) 5-3
   Wiltschek (A) 5-3
5 Rehm (Holland) 4-4
   De Vries (H) 4-4
   Katscher (WG) 4-4
8 Novak (A) 3-5
9 Sudhoff (WG) 2-6
   Kitsos (Greece) 2-6
   Bates (England) 2-6
   Greb (WG) 2-6

Masters Tournament
1st : Zemb (France)
2nd : Hasibeder (Austria)

European Junior Championship
1st : Hasibeder (Austria)
2nd : Zemb (France)

Team Championship
1st : West Germany 1
2nd : Holland 1
3rd : Austria 1

From Go Review Autumn 1975 page 4-5

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